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G&G VSS Vintorez

Jay Slater pulls on his ushanka and gets to grips with this strangely odd release from G&G. Comrades, now follows a general history lesson on...

G&P LVOA War Rifle

Chris Costa has been seen promoting the LVOA rifle and now Scott Allan gets his hands on the first airsoft version from G&P. From G&P,...

KWA Kriss Vector: Science Fact

Arguably the most anticipated airsoft rifle of all time is finally here. Scott Allan gives us the lowdown on the Kriss Vector. If you haven't...

King Arms Galil

Jay Slater connects Natalie Portman to the Galil rifle (beat that Kevin Bacon) as he looks at this full metal King Arms AEG. It was...


The G33 is another G36 without a license. Scott Allan asks "What can ICS do different from everyone else?" ICS have a strange place in...
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