Although the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 has been with us for a few years, there is still some confusion surrounding exactly what it contains – mainly brought about by the many (mis)interpretations of what the Act actually says.

To try and help clear up some of the confusion, the “flip book” below is a précis of the Act showing just the parts relevant to Realistic Imitation Firearms, along with Statutory Instrument 2007 No. 2606 (which clarifies the defence that resulted in the survival of airsoft in the UK).

Hopefully this will help to dispel some of the more popular misconceptions, such as…

The Act does NOT ban the purchase of RIFs, it bans the sale – along with importation and manufacture.
The Act did not create a “UKARA Law” – there is no such thing!
The word “airsoft” does not appear in the Act – FACT!
The Act does not stipulate how many times an airsofter has to play before being granted a “license” – again, there is no such thing!