Back In early December last year we posted about a new series of “9mm PCC” AEGs from our Italian friends at EVOLUTION AIRSOFT, and concluded then that;

“We’ve had great results from the EVOLUTION ETS models that we already have in testing, and although we’ve been hammering them for a while now they continue to function and shoot perfectly! With the overall quality and performance of their existing ETS AEGs we have high hopes for the new REAPER line, and it’s definitely something we’ll check out more at IWA in 2024 if not before!”

And thankfully courtesy of EVOLUTION and UK distributor we’ve managed to get our hands on one of the new models to put through the mill, the Reaper XS EMR PDW Carbontech ETS II, the smallest of the new Reaper models with the ETS ll electronic trigger! These super little AEGs are put together scrupulously with great care and inside you get all the very latest airsoft technology you could possibly wish for, with performance features galore!

The all metal EC64AR model has a super-short two-slot alloy M-LOK handguard and sliding PDW stock which makes it an easy to use, compact package that seems 100% made for some of the tight CQB sites that have become popular all over the world these days, and we’re betting that it has the guts to keep your opponents heads well and truly down!

This of course is what we aim to find out, and we’ll be reporting back with more valuable intel and a rundown on all the features soon… in the meantime if you fancy an EVOLUTION REAPER for yourself, then they should be in your favourite local airsoft store right now to try for yourself!