Now we all like to have the latest and greatest accessories on our AEGs and GBBs don’t we, but sometimes the price can be off-putting, especially if you’re on a budget!

Whilst many of us run a PEQ or DBAL on our carbines these days it seems to be all about the B E MEYERS MAWL (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser), especially given that the C1+ is now firmly in the public domain.

However, with the “real deal” coming in at an eye-watering (for airsoft) price, and even the “replicas” out there reaching into three figures it can be hard to find something that looks cool and correct without breaking the bank!

However, if you do want a “MAWL” for pennies then perhaps our mates at NUPROL have the answer as they’ve added a neat battery box in black or tan to their accessory range that will 100% give you “the look” in the form of their unassumingly-named NP LASER BATTERY BOX- BLACK or TAN.

They say;

“Ever run out of charge on your AEG mid-game and wish you had your backup LiPo on you instead of it being back with your gear in the safe-zone? Now you can keep your secondary power supply on you whilst enhancing the look of your RIF with this mock laser module battery store. The 20mm RIS fitting allows for the attachment to any picatinny rail, with enough size within for a small stick LiPo.”

Okay, we admit that you’re not going to get the full benefits of the real MAWL, but it’s a great little, cool-looking up-to-the-minute accessory to add to your carbine or rifle at a super price that can actually serve an in-game purpose too… what’s not to love?