We were trawling through the latest arrivals with our friends over at iWHOLESALES over the weekend and came across something that set our pulses racing just a little bit, and it’s another model from the good folks at DOUBLE BELL!

That in itself is not what got us excited as we’ve seen a lot of releases from DOUBLE BELL of late, and had pretty good experiences with those we’ve tried so far… no, this got us going as it’s the very first  DRACARYS AEG replica that we’ve seen, and as “Wick Fanobois” who wouldn’t want a replica of the fire-breathing, 12-gauge “AR” that he uses in that wonderful overhead Paris-sequence in “JW4”!

The Taran Tactical Innovations Dracarys Gen-12 (based off the real Genesis Arms models) shotgun loaded with “Dragon’s Breath” rounds was one of many highlights in the movie, and although we may not be setting our opponents on fire with the airsoft version, nonetheless this has been on our wishlist for a good while!

And now we can have one, and with the bronzed finish it looks GREAT!

Hopefully we can get “hands on” with one of these soon… and then we’ll tell you all about it!