In common with many (too many) other airsoft-related businesses, Airsoft Action Magazine has been the target of a certain social media company’s draconian wokery (looking straight at you Meta), with both Bill and Nige receiving bans for having the temerity to post pictures of airsoft replicas.

We know that real guns are not allowed but our posts always mention that it is airsoft-related – maybe Meta’s super-duper, all-singing, all-dancing, all-deleting algorithm is not clever enough to understand the word “airsoft”?

Whatever the reason, as many have before us, we are now seriously considering whether to continue wasting more time battling away against intransigent idiocy or find alternative ways to keep bringing you the best of airsoft from around the world on platforms that appreciate our presence, not treat us like naughty children.

Airsoft Action can already be found on eight social media channels (including FB) and we are now delighted to announce that we are now also on DISCORD!

Like most other channels, if you are not already signed up you’ll need to do that, but it is quick, simple and free to do.

Once you’ve done that (or already have), this link will grant you access to our server:

We are going to keep our presence on Facebook going (for now) but, should it reach the stage where it no longer becomes worth the effort of trying to convince closed-minded twats that airsoft is not illegal and we are not a bunch of gun-toting idiots, we are making sure there are plenty of alternatives (watch this space for news of RSS feeds coming soon…) for you to get your regular fix of up to date, accurate airsoft news, reviews, reports and info.

‘Nuf sed!!