Happy New year airsofters, and what a year 2024 promises to be!

Whilst we are all aware that there are “challenges” to airsoft groups and media on social media right now (yeah, thanks for THAT META!) it’s very much business as usual at AIRSOFT ACTION as we launch into the next twelve months of monthly magazines (and of course our daily website posts) full of news, reviews and tales of airsoft adventures all over the globe!

We kick off 2024 with an issue devoted to one of our favourite parts of the airsoft world, and that’s GBBRs in all their glory! RED CELL have come together to update the GBB AR category with a further FIFTEEN models for you to enjoy, and that’s before we start with reviews on the newer models.

And what airsoft delight we have for you there too as Dan gets under the hood of the new KWA F90, and Bill looks in detail at the MCX RATTLER and the NOVESKE N4 GEN III… but this time it’s the N4 from EMG and CYMA featuring the new CYMA GAS SYSTEM (CGS)! Keeping with “things gas” we then bring in our verdict on the latest ACEHIVE “40mm” shell from ACETECH…

The members of the AA LEGION have some airsoft resolutions to share with you, and then we move on into our international coverage for this month as Tama rejoins us to talk about the BAKURESTU-SAI in Japan, Miguel reports on the latest ANA game “DYSTOPIA” in Portugal, and Stewbacca brings in our first practical shooting report on the Kaohsiung Level 3 International hosted by the Taiwan Practical Shooting Association (TPSA)!

All in all there’s a little bit of “something airsoft” for each and every one of you, whatever your personal airsoft passion may be, and this is how we intend to keep things for 2024; focus on the disciplines for sure, focus on airsoft platforms and kit old and new of course, but first and foremost we’ll keep on engaging with you, the international airsoft community, and we look forward to telling your tales and documenting YOUR airsoft adventures along with our own!

Enjoy ISSUE 158, it’s gonna be a WILD airsoft year… and it starts HERE!

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