We’re slowly but surely getting back into things after the first full week back in the office at AAHQ, and what a tumultuous week it’s been, good, bad, and indifferent!

First up, it’s the final weekend of voting in the 2024 PLAYER CHOICE AWARDS,  so if you haven’t already please do head on over to https://playerschoice.popularairsoft.com/ and GIVE US YOUR VOTE ALREADY!

As you will have seen the AA WEBSITE has been a bit up and down this week; as we move forward we’ve found that we need even MORE SPACE as we add more content and links to new partners, so that has meant us transitioning to a new server… and as anyone knows this isn’t always the smoothest of transitions! Thankfully things appear to be settled now so we can properly kick into gear for 2024, and thanks so much for your patience as we fought our way through this change!

Like many out there we’ve also been contending with the ever-changing landscape that is META/Facebook, and we’ve been very, very sad to see increased shadow-bans, restricted posting, and post deletions happen many airsoft media channels, including us! We’ve also been outright angered that community groups like AIRSOFT UK have been removed from Facebook in their entirety, and we commend the Admin Team at AIRSOFT UK 2.0 for getting things back up and on track so quickly!

Will there be more of this to come? Yes, there probably will be, and therefore it’s more important for us a global community to stand together more cohesively than ever before. We’ll be amending the way we post to Facebook for the time being by just using the AIRSOFT ACTION BANNER in our posts, but full imagery will be front and centre here on the website as always!

So, all of that said the good, NO, MAKE THAT GREAT news is that ISSUE 158 is nearing upload-speed for MONDAY, and what a fun-filled GBBR-centric package our first issue of 2024 will be; watch for it here on the website and on your preferred digital publishing platform, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

The AA CREW will be back in force next week with the latest news and tales of their airsoft adventures around the globe, and we sincerely hope that you’ll be having some 6mm-shenanigans of your own… wherever you’re shooting or playing this weekend then, again as always, Play hard, Play safe, and above all, especially this weekend, Play with Honour!