With our posts being arbitrarily removed by Facebook we have today lodged a formal appeal with the Oversight Board.

We have not taken this decision lightly, but the cancelling of airsoft-related news and content needs to stop as what we do is 100% legal, and legally recognised/protected in many countries around the globe.

As writers and journalists we strongly feel that our freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom to report on all the good things that our wonderful global airsoft community brings to so many, and that the actions taken by Facebook are outrageous.

It IS damaging our airsoft community, and our ability to communicate with one another as players and groups.

Whilst we ourselves are not yet “banned” we are aware of a number of community groups that have been removed in their entirety since 2024 began, and we fully expect the “ban hammer” to be dropped on us too imminently.

This is WRONG.

Airsoft is LEGAL, and what we post is LEGAL too… our rights are being infringed and it’s time we ceased accepting that. We will be reaching out to friends in both airsoft media and the industry itself to arrange a meeting at IWA, and for those of you reading this we hope you will support our initiative to bring everyone even closer together to combat the actions of Facebook as a unified group, and a strong global community.

Of course we will continue posting here on the Airsoft Action website on a daily basis, so if you want your usual fix, then keep any eye on this as potentially we could just disappear from anti-social media soon…