We do love a bit of “OPFOR” as you well know, and it’s always refreshing to see something a bit different! And the new CYMA CM136 “GRACH” is most definitely that as not only is it an AEP, but it’s also an EBB… yup, that’s right, an AEP with blowback!

AEPs have got a very much undeserved “bad rep”, although those that own one that we know absolutely love them, as they have ALL the benefits that folk usually rave about when it comes to an AEG.

First seen over at TAIWANGUN, they say that;

“Cyma is known for its desire to innovate and bring new products to the airsoft market, and that’s why in the CM136, the manufacturer has created the first AEP with an electrical blowback system. This is possible due to the fact that the battery has been taken from the slide of the pistol and has been incorporated into the magazine.

The blowback system works like a GBB pistol; to fire you need to arm the slide, at with each shot the slide moves and it will lock after the last BBs are shot. An interesting feature of the replica is that you can shoot the pistol even when the battery is discharged, just reload the pistol after each shot.

The replica has a MOSFET system, low-resistance wiring, and a special gearbox design for this model, the external parts are made of durable polymer. Durable steel gears ensure the trouble-free operation of the mechanism. Thanks to these treatments we have an extremely durable and fast pistol; the replica will surprise every user with a quick reaction to the trigger and a high-capacity battery.”

This sounds great to us, and we hope that this will finally be a fully usable “GRACH” replica after the relatively expensive GBB disappointments in the past… we’ll aim to lay our hands on one of these unique pistols as soon as we can, not just for testing, but because we actually want one ourselves for our own OPFOR armoury!