If you’ve been around airsoft for a while, and especially been interested in “pratical” airsoft disciplines, then the name of the late and much-missed Mark Farrar as both a creator of bespoke airsoft creations of the very highest order, and as a fine shooter and event organiser will be well-known to you.

Held in honour of H.P.S.C founder, Mark Farrar, The Farrar Cup is an Action Air Level 1 competition held at HALO MILL CQB Arena in Huddersfield on the 16th of June 2024. The Farrar Cup is open to shooters of all skill and experience levels and is a fantastic way to get involved with the local practical pistol community, make new friends and sharpen your shooting skills.

The event involves 12 stages of fire, with 6 short stages, 4 medium stages and 2 long stages. Each stage will involve dynamic movement and engaging multiple targets against the clock in the dedicated IPSC range. All you need to get involved is a GBB sidearm, a couple of magazines, a holster and eye protection!

Doors open at 0800 and the briefing will be at 0845, with the day rounding out when all shooters have completed all stages, aiming to finish by around 1700. “Green Fee” for the event will be £30 and details on how to book your place can be found on the Farrar Cup Facebook Event Page.

The FARRAR Precision Hi-Capa (silver model pictured), the latest Bolster Armouries custom build, will also be present in the hands of Jake B-W, the host of The Farrar Cup. This build is based on Mark’s personal “Smoking Hole” build and, as with other Bolster Armouries custom creations, it’s decked out to the nines with upgraded parts from the best manufacturers out there. If you want to get a look at the FARRAR or the new QUARTZ 3.0 in person, if you’re local or attending the event then pop into the Patrol Base Showroom to check them out!

A raffle will also be held on the day, with all shooters being entered automatically and the option for both shooters and spectators to purchase as many extra tickets as they want. Prizes include airsoft platforms, upgrade parts and consumables provided by Patrol Base, Hi-Capa Hub, JL Progression, Delta Armory, NUPROL, ASG, Kydex Customs, GBB Parts UK and Watford Practical Pistol Club.

If you win a prize as a shooter or spectator and want it shipped out to you, this can be arranged for a small additional fee. This is probably one of the best chances you will have all year to win some primo, free airsoft goodies; even if you aren’t shooting, it is definitely worth entering the raffle!

All proceeds from the competition and the accompanying raffle will be donated to The Palliative Care Ward at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

All at AIRSOFT ACTION hope that the event is a huge success, and we wish all the competitors and those involved the very best for what promises to be a truly memorable day of airsoft shooting!