We make no bones about the fact that we do love a bit of DANIEL DEFENSE, and the latest models with the upgraded furniture are really looking VERY good indeed, so we’re really pleased to see that CYMA have now released a couple of new models featuring those specific parts… and at a sensible price too!

The guys over at TAIWANGUN dropped us a mail to let us know all about the MK18 RIII 10.3 (yay, another MK18!) and the M4A1 RIII 14.5, and both these variants look great to us.

We’ve spoken a LOT about the MK18 recently so we’ll park that for now (although it looks bang on) as both new variants benefit from the same base; TAIWANGUN tell us that;

“The CM.105A M4A1 RIII, a modern iteration of the renowned M4A1 platform from Daniel Defense… (this) advanced long-barrelled rifle offers a range of improvements, including reduced weight and increased flexibility. The standout feature is the exclusive RIII rail system, an optimized evolution of the prestigious RII system developed by USSOCOM for the needs of special forces operators.

The EMG Daniel Defense Licensed M4A1 RIII 14.5-inch Airsoft AEG Rifle (in black or tan) is fully licensed by EMG, featuring authentic Daniel Defense markings for an accurate replica. It comes with a Daniel Defense-licensed 12.5″ RIII handguard, equipped with a full-length 1913 Picatinny top rail for optics. The RIII rail system is lighter than the RII but exceptionally durable, with numerous M-LOK attachment points for mounting tactical lights, vertical grips, and other M-LOK-compatible accessories.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rifle also boasts a Daniel Defense 6-position stock featuring a quick-removable butt pad for easy access to the battery compartment. The overmoulded pistol grip, designed with an aggressive texture, ensures ergonomic comfort and control. The rifle comes equipped with a 230-round licensed DD mid-cap magazine, providing ample ammunition for sustained action. As part of the CYMA Platinum Series AEG, it guarantees outstanding performance and reliability on the field.”

As we’ve had some exemplary results with CYMA ARs of late this all sounds good to us, and with the addition of all those lovely licenced DANIEL DEFENSE goodies these are two platforms that we really hope we can get our hands on soon… as always, watch this space!