It’s the end of another office week here at AAHQ, and with another (somewhat wet and snowy here!) weekend ahead it’s time for the AA Crew to get down to some proper “airsoft work” as they set up their ranges and workbenches, or prepare to head out to games!

ISSUE 159 is now in final proof ready for next week, and it’ll be a real action-packed bumper read again, especially as we have a MASSIVE SHOT SHOW REPORT to share from Boycie, L’il Stu and Steve as well as our usual cornucopia of airsoft news, reviews and stories from around the world!

Sadly Bill is out of action this weekend as he heads off to hospital later today to ensure that his fight with the “Big C” remains successful; we wish him all the very best, and we hope that you’ll join all of us at AA in wishing him a speedy recovery after his surgery… he’s already filled the meeting schedule for IWA at the end of this month for Jase and himself so obviously something like a little surgery doesn’t show any sign of slowing our “old and bold boy” down!!

Getting into our pre-weekend chat proper though, Miguel told us that “This Sunday we are organizing an event for a group of “older” teams that we are part of, a group called THE GAME. The event is called “For Gold” and it will pit two factions with the objective of controlling several gold mines located around the field, using in-game devices developed by us, and, at the same time, getting secondary missions from a local trader. It will be a game controlled 100% via ARES ALPHA.”

Jimmy said “I’m gonna treat myself to a day off on Saturday, so no teching for me but I need to get my kit sorted for Sundays game day at my local favourite site Cool Under Fire. Fingers crossed I can implement a game I have been brainstorming for a while now, Attack on Precinct 13… on paper it could make for a few hours of intense gaming.”

Dan is “linking up with a few friends to attend my first game of the year So I’ll be pulling the kit out from winter hibernation, making sure my Camelbak hasn’t grown fuzz (lol), and trying to decide on what gun I want to take with me… which, I tell myself should be one of the new guns recently acquired. But I often tend to fall back on using the old favorites instead…”

Stewbacca told us that “This Sunday is the day after Chinese New Year’s day, so we’re not expecting a huge turnout, but we’ll be heading into the Xindian hills south of Taipei again. I’ll likely do a little more long-range testing as there’s an 80m open field adjoining the prep/safe area to play with, and of course I’ve already reconfigured the LCT AK74MN which made an excellent debut last weekend in CQB environments.

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates it. It’s the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar, so hope it’s a fortuitous one for all!”

We can only echo that sentiment from Stewbacca wholeheartedly; to all of our great friends and industry partners in the Far East (and indeed closer to home!) that celebrate Lunar New Year, all of us at AIRSOFT ACTION wish you a healthy, happy, and successful YEAR OF THE DRAGON!

Of course, if like many of the AA Crew you’re out playing this weekend then we hope you have a fabulous time chucking BBs, and as always when you’re out there Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!