It seems like the Noveske N4 is getting some serious love these days, and so it should as the real deal has been seen “in the wild” with USN SEALs/DEVGRU and SWCC, and of course we all like a bit of NAVSPECWARGRU in our lives, don’t we?

Stewbacca took a close look at the superlative RATech version of this superb carbine back in Issue 152, and that’s now taking a hammering as a part of the RED CELL test program, and as much as that particular GBBR is worth every single penny of its asking price, of course airsofters want more… for less!

Thanks to our mates at iWholesales in the UK we’ve been able to get our grubby wee mitts on another “take” of the N4, and this time it’s yet another collaboration between EMG and CYMA, and this carbine features the CYMA CGS (CYMA Gas System); developed in collaboration with T8 (SP System). this innovative gas system draws inspiration from the renowned TM MWS M4/AR-15 series of gas airsoft rifles and introduces an adjustable trigger pull for enhanced adjustment!

It’s certainly a tidy package, and with an expected price of somewhere between £500 and £600 for the UK market it’s looking good that way as well!

We’ve been having some fun with this N4 10.5″ over the Xmas period (we actually started testing in November) so we’ll be dropping our full evaluation of this tasty little beast in ISSUE 158 on 15 January!