The guys over at GUNFIRE emailed us late last week to let us know about something new that they have, the E-SHOOTER TARGET SYSTEM!

Now we do love a bit of training for airsoft, and anything that allows us to do this safely and accurately (in the broadest sense!) is a WIN in our book… and the E-SHOOTER SENTRY SYSTEM looks to be a solid addition to any training setup.

The SENTRY system is available in both laser and regular BB variants, and it’s the BB version that we particularly like the look of, although of course the laser version could be very useful if you don’t have your own range at home!

The regular-BB SENTRY offers reusable auto-reset airsoft targets able to withstand 10K+ airsoft BBs and offers RGB lighting & USB-C charging.  Features include;

  • shield/target made of steel
  • fast return in 1s,
  • day and night mode,
  • low charge warning,
  • tested for 50000+ shots,
  • wireless connection – range up to 30m
  • multiple gameplay modes
  • dedicated app showing data in real time,
  • free OTA software updates,
  • ability to connect more targets together (up to 32 pcs.)
  • power supply: one 18650 battery
  • USB-C charging cable included

This seems perfect for some focused rangework, and will elevate hassle-free training anywhere with its portable, compact, and lightweight design. As it happens we’re already booked in to meet with the E-SHOOTER crew at IWA in a few weeks and we’ll be looking closely at what else they have to offer then!