Every airsofter should have an eye on their training and personal skills development, and thanks to our mates at VIRTUAL-SHOT this is something that you can keep do regularly… without even leaving home!

The guys have been in touch to let us know that the Virtual-Shot app has been updated with a five-course pistol basics training tutorial. The course is instructed by a former Special Forces Commando who teaches advanced pistol and urban combat skills. The July app update comes with many more new features, explore below!

The all-new pistol series joins the basic rifle series, taught by a member of the Virtual-Shot team, who is a former Infantry Sniper and Military Contractor. Training videos are embedded in the Virtual-Shot app, allowing members to practice the fundamentals of pistol shooting from the comfort of their homes. The training videos help new shooters learn the basics of shooting and help experienced shooters refine their skills.

Visiting a training setting for the first time can often be intimidating, especially when Mr. Tacticool is at the range! Being able to practice the fundamentals of pistol shooting prior to visiting a game or range can give new shooters the confidence needed to fine-tune their skills.

Daryl Batchelor, CEO and Co-Founder of Simulation Training Group explained,

“There are a lot of great shooters out there, but it always amazes me whenever I go to a range to see so many shooters getting the fundamentals wrong and wondering why their shots are not going where they want. We believe that all shooters should have access to the knowledge and resources to improve their shooting and that is part of what we are trying to achieve with Virtual-Shot, democratizing access to shooting by enabling all shooters to refine their shooting skills, not just those that can afford to spend hundreds of dollars each week and every weekend at the range and thousands on personal coaching.”

The Virtual-Shot team is also building a Shooting Resource Center, offering videos as free online courses, so be sure to check them out at https://virtual-shot.com!

Never stop training, never stop improving!