Here we all are again! Another month has raced by and the airsoft industry appears to have gone into overdrive, with new gear, new AEGs and new GGBs appearing rapidly one after another!
Games are also fully back on, and the Airsoft Action Legion is out there playing and reporting back from their corner of this big old world of airsoft! So this month we have THREE Legion event reports to entertain you with as Miguel reports again from Portugal, Larri dives into the Hong Kong Speedsoft community, and Dan goes all “fill your hands” as he reports on a Wild West game in the USA. Don’t forget that if you’ve got a story to tell about airsoft in your own country, THE AA LEGION NEEDS YOU!
New “tools of the trade” we have aplenty too, with a first “post-test, post-game” look at the new G&G MXC-9 courtesy of Jimmy, Stewbacca gets stuck into the new LK53A3 from LCT, whilst Bill takes a long, hard look at the new RAVEN R14 GBB and lands his test-report on the KRYTAC P90; has it lived up to all the launch fanfare? You’ll have to check his report to find out…
The Legion looks at an often-overlooked kit area this time as they focus on slings, and we start to put all the theory of “Tactical Outdoor Development” into practice as the guys have been out in the woods building bashas and fast-set shelters! The BLOCK I M4 project takes another step forward, and whilst we’re talking about AR AEGs, RED CELL land their interim long-term test report on “SBRs”, TWELVE of them!
Jimmy gets all techy again with an overhaul of the AGM MG42 as promised, and Bill RELOADS his GE AMD-65 for the OPFOR amongst you! We wrap up this month as usual with Frenchie’s wry take on “things airsoft”, so all in all there’s once again a whole heap of 6mm goodness to check out.
We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!

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