We are ALWAYS delighted when we get a new AEG or GBB into the office for testing (honestly, this feeling NEVER gets old!), and following a weekend range session a “certain member” of the crew is acting a bit like a kid with a free pass in a toyshop thanks to the ICS/EMG collaboration that is the DANIEL DEFENSE MK18 AEG!

Bill’s relationship with ICS AIRSOFT goes back many, many years (in fact he’s been an honorary “ICS Captain” since 2015, although his relationship with them pre-dates that by some time!) and he also makes no bones about being a bit of a “Mk18 Fanboi”… at last count he had three different versions and is building another “Mod 0” as part of his ongoing “BLOCKS” project so you can bet that he was keen to get hands-on this latest electric model!

He’s actually already had the ICS/EMG model for a while already, and so far he’s absolutely smitten… in fact he won’t shut up about it, mumbling on about “SHOT Show 2020… new colours… new stock…” and so forth! After a range session at the weekend he’s now also carping on about “great range, accurate as hell…” so we believe that when he gets round to his full review it will undoubtedly be positive…

What can we tell you?: Well, yes, it is a fully-licenced, accurately-reproduced replica of the current DDMk18 that carries all the markings licensed by Daniel Defense via EMG ARMS. It does have the EMG Licensed Daniel Defense MK18 Handguard and the latest EMG ZETA Grip and Stock. It does follow the new colouration seen first hand at SHOT 2020, and it does feature the ICS E-Trigger System, a Short-Stoke “Smart” Trigger, and come pre-fitted with Master Mods internal performance parts!

The ICS Mk18 will be available in BLACK, COYOTE, COYOTE/BLACK and a rather eye-catching TORNADO GREY, and if the finish on all the colours is as impeccable as the COYOTE variant Bill has been testing then they will all be as delightful to look at as the AEG is effective!

Look out for the full review coming up in Issue 141 on 15 August, but for now we’ll just say THANK YOU ICS, you’ve made Bill a very happy shooter… AGAIN!