As we’re revving up for ISSUE I64 this time next week, our NAMSOFT SUMMER SPECIAL, we’ve been spending a lot of time revisiting all our favourite period AEGs and GBBs, and also throwing a couple of new ones into the mix!

One of the newer AEGS that’s really impressed us in terms of price, performance-as-new, and sheer looks is the DOUBLE BELL COLT MODEL 607 that we’ve had in for evaluation from our friends over at iWHOLESALES!

Some of the sharp-eyed among you will undoubtedly recognise this sweet l’il carbine as one of the real “grandpappys” of modern-day AR carbines, and you’d be totally right about that as the XM177E1 didn’t enter the fray until Model 609!

Bill has been testing the DOUBLE BELL “607”, and told us;

“The Colt Model 607 was the first attempt to produce a “true carbine” which had both a reduced barrel length and collapsing buttstock. The model 607 used modified AR15/M16 furniture to include a modified buttstock which allowed it to be extended or collapsed, as well as a shortened pistol grip and shortened triangular handguards.

The Model 607 had very limited production numbers and saw minimal use in the field by US Military Forces during Vietnam, although there are some quite famous images out there showing it most definitely in the SEAL inventory!”

Now of course this isn’t the first “607” to hit the airsoft market, and both TM and G&P have had a crack at it in the past. However, given the price (and availability, although iWHOLESALES have sold out of their first batch!) of this particular “607” (iro UK£170!) and the solid performance (1.0 Joule/329fps on a .20g!) we’ve seen out-of-the-box in testing this is one little AEG that we can safely say deserves a place in any airsofters armoury!

The full testing report will drop next week, but if you fancy a bit of history, and an AR that’s VERY unique, then take a look at the DOUBLE BELL 607 “M16 STUBBY” AEG as it’s a whole handful of 6mm fun!