Looks like an old hound CAN learn some new tricks!

One of our oldest supporters for AIRSOFT ACTION, and an airsoft business that has been around for far longer than most, FIRE SUPPORT here in the UK are moving things forward and up a gear again with a shiny new WEBSITE!

They told us;

“We have a new web site! Mobile friendly, in the first stage of live development, we hope you like it. Try out the search and filters it’s a lot easier to find products now!”

Although there are obviously a few little gremlins to work out as always when a new site goes live, things are looking bright, clean, and up to date, and it ushers in a new era for the guys at FIRE SUPPORT, something that has met with some really funny and good-natured comments from their obviously-loyal customers who know them so well…

All we can say is that it’s always a real pleasure working with old friends in the industry, and the team at FIRE SUPPORT most definitely come under the catchment of “old friends”! We sincerely hope that the wide range of high-quality airsoft products they offer (and have ALWAYS offered!) continues to grow, and their business continues to thrive!

All at AIRSOFT ACTION hope that this new website brings further success to FIRE SUPPORT, and as always we look forward to working with them even more in the future!