The VORSK VMP-1 has undoubtedly gathered a super-firm fanbase among players since its launch, and the “VORSK MODULAR PLATFORM” will leap ahead later this year when the VMP-2 models hit the stores… and we know that there’s already a whole heap of you waiting for this… just like us!

In the meantime though the VORSK team continue to work with the player-base directly, and although they have accessories already that they’ve designed because as shooters themselves they know what the players NEED, they’ve also continued to listen carefully to what the users WANT, and responded accordingly!

They’ve given us the nod on a couple of those all-important “little things”, and the introduction to the line of the QD Swivel (that replaces the folding stock) for “pistol” users, along with a dedicated Singlepoint Sling Plate that fixes in place between the stock and the receiver will make the platform even more user-friendly on the field when it comes to manipulation and retention.

Something that we’ve asked for ourselves, and have been lucky enough to already have in for testing, is a short, 20 BB magazine! Again, this will be perfect for “pistol-configuration” users who want to keep a really low silhouette, but it also bodes well for the VMP-2D, the designated marksman variant of the new models to come, which we understand will be locked to semi-only and offering potentially iro 1.87 Joule/450 FPS on .20g BBs from the box!

In testing the 20 BB mag has performed every bit as well as the longer 48 BB version, delivering excellent levels of feed and gas efficiency in a more minimalist package.

As excitement continues to grow for the VMP-2 variants we’re certain that existing VMP-users will be more than happy with the “little things” that continue to add to the overall in-game performance of this superb little gas platform… we know that we certainly are!