It’s been a super-exciting week at AAHQ, with lots of new models for testing landing direct from the manufacturers and distributors for us to get our teeth into, and of course our testing goes on apace elsewhere too as we continue to access new models at source in Taiwan courtesy of Stewbacca!

As well as continuing to add to the ranks of our fabulous AA LEGION at home and abroad, we’re also making progress with our recruiting for some new contributors in the USA, so watch out for some stories from them too in the months to come; no “appointments” have been made yet, but we have two superb US-based players in the running to fill the East/West Coast slots… watch this space!

But in the meantime it’s very much (airsoft) business as usual, and as always the AA Crew are out and active in many different ways this weekend, and preparation for events and games yet to come continues apace…

Stewbacca told us “some of team TaiJi have administrative duties for an upcoming MilSim (more on that later in the year) so what’s left of us will be going to Hutoushan again for some mountain jungle warfare; no doubt dodging all the spiders again! I’ll likely take the PSG-1 out for a spin for the first time since I got the FCG repaired, and also the VFC M16A1… more on that later in the year (but much sooner) as it’s apparently already a firm favourite of the young local lady who just joined our ranks as well, along with their M18 of mine she’s been using. Ergonomics for the masses, and the lasses, fellow shooters…”

Miguel and his fellow GHOSTs have something special planned; “this Friday and Saturday night we will take part in the Zombie Apocalypse Zombie event, a story based on the “The Last of Us” game/series. Participants will follow a story, with several actors and extras. The guys and I will take the role of some FEDRA forces.”

Jimmy as always is hard at it, and said “this weekend I shall mostly be doing airsoft stuff!. There’s still a lot more work to get done in the new workshop, and the small mountain of gun work has doubled after last weekend, so plenty to keep me busy on Saturday. Sunday I am venturing off to a new site quite locally again called 501st (pronounced 51st) for a battle of teams! A few guys from the Mercenaries team have invited me to join them as they need a competent sniper to give over watch for them. Should be a good day out fingers crossed.”

Ben told us “it’s time to air out my tent start to get bits out and prepared for NAF….other than that I’ll be flinging some BB’s downrange and touch up on some drills…” whilst Boycie updated the chat with “I’m spending the weekend planning for a Level 2 or Level 3 Action Air competition after a very interesting meeting this week!”

Bill reported in from AAHQ to say “I’ll be grinding away here at final edits and layups on Saturday in preparation for the new issue on the 15th, and I’m pleased to tell you all it’s looking great… and I mean OUTSTANDING! If you haven’t worked it out after all our little hints our SUMMER SPECIAL for 2024 will be on all-things NAMSOFT, and we’ve got a real treat lined up for you… RED CELL alone runs to EIGHTEEN PAGES, with THIRTY AEGs and GBBs just perfect for a little themed BB-slinging… now it’s back to those edits for me, although I do need to complete my final shoot-test on the Double Bell Mod 607 (pictured)…”

So the pace continues to pick up, and what an airsoft year 2024 has proved to be so far! The weekend again looks to be a warm one, so as ever make sure you keep up with your hydration, and be “the best you can be”! If you’re out and in game, as always we’ll sign off for this week by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!