We all love to live the “Airsoft Life” right?

Well, the guys at NUPROL have let us know that they now have in stock some absolutely awesome keyrings that will potentially let your favourite airsoft pistol be fully part of your EDC, and give your keys the ultimate in “close protection”!

If you favour an EU-Series, 1911, M92 or even a teeny-tiny DEAGLE (and yes, the mag release works, the hammer moves back, the trigger moves, and even the slide moves!) to hang your keys from then you’re in luck as these should be appearing at your local airsoft store soon… and don’t worry, if you feel the need to carry some “armour protection” too you can even have your very own micro plate carrier!

These look brilliant to us, totally putting some FUN back into the days when we can’t be out playing airsoft!

One word from Bill though is to make sure that you remove these from your keychain before you go through an airport… so he tells us, a very similar item (a tiny G17 USB!) was taken away from him at security… I guess you just can’t be too careful these days!