The battle for the Hi-Capa accessories market is a hard-fought place, with so many ways to upgrade your pistol! As MasterMods have now released some new Hi-Capa accessories of their own which are compatible with TM-spec Hi-Capas, the guys at ICS have installed them on their very own Hi-Capa Challenger and they tell us everything works perfectly!

One of the AA in-house tech-bodies, Jimmy, had this to say about MasterMods way back in Issue 123;

“I have been looking at some of MasterMods very impressive parts. Never heard of Master Mods? NO! Well neither had I until just recently as ICS and MasterMods have collaborated to bring you the airsofter some of the highest quality internal upgrade parts, and boy are they high quality! Yes, they are distributed by ICS but that does not mean they are proprietary as they cross over and fit other brands exceedingly well!”

So, although Jimmy focused on rifle and carbine parts in his article, ICS have now advised that parts will now be available for their own Hi-Capas, which in turn means that these high-quality performance parts will also be there if you already own a Hi-Capa from another brand!

We genuinely love working with the guys at ICS, and when they keep us in the loop about products like this you can see why! We’re going to have some other “ICS NEWS” real soon, so keep your eyes peeled here for the latest airsoft stories from the brands we all know and love as they happen!