Nearly SIX years ago (where does time go?) G&G ARMAMENT released the Combat Machine SR Series which really benefited many players on a budget that were looking for a solid, reliable “AR” AEG, and it was their first entry-level AEG series to be equipped with a performance-enhancing electronic trigger with a programmable 3-round burst!

But time moves on along and so does AEG “spec” so the all-new CM16 SR M-LOK Series will come in THREE different lengths! The SRS M-LOK 7″ (EGC-16P-RSM-BNB-NCM), SRL M-LOK 9″ (EGC-16P-RSM-BNB-NCM) (model pictured) and the SRXL M-LOK 12″ (EGC-16P-XLM-BNB-NCM).

With this series of the “Combat Machine” G&G have upgraded to a CNC-machined M-LOK rail for easier compatibility with all M-LOK accessories. That’s not all, as they’ve also updated the hardware on the SR M-LOK Series with their newest GOM V2 105 round magazine for better feeding, their GOS-V8 buttstock for increased battery space, and their latest ergonomic Pistol Grip V1 for improved handling.

Internally, it’s powered by the Ifrit 25K motor built with strong neodymium magnets, a motor we’ve come to know and like. It’s also equipped with G&Gs latest MOSFET, electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.), and rotary hop-up for uncompromised performance.

If you’re in the market for a new “AR” then be ready to upgrade when the new CM16 models arrive later this month, and pre-order what looks to be a mighty fine looking “AR” with your local G&G dealer today!