Targets are vitally important to the AA crew as we spend A LOT of time on the range both testing AEGs and GBBs and undertaking regular training to keep our personal “skills and drills” up to speed!

At IWA this year the guys were able to get “hands on” with the new SPECNA ARMS electronic target system, and their reports back were very positive indeed!

However, SPECNA ARMS have taken things one step further with the release of their full STAGE system with tracer/suppressor, chronograph and the STAGE system monitor.

The RIS-mounted monitor is used to display results as the the suppressor connects to the display via Bluetooth™ technology. The monitor can also be linked to the STAGE system training application. It also has a rotating screen so the monitor can be fitted on the left as well as the right side of your chosen platform.

But there’s more; the high-quality STAGE electronic training target is an advanced system for improving accuracy and speed. After installing the application you can connect with one target using Bluetooth…or you can you can connect up to THIRTY-TWO targets to really put yourself in the zone!

Any training/target aid to us is a VERY positive thing for the solid development of skills, so rest assured we’ll find back our findings on the new STAGE system when we’ve had a chance to really put it through its paces!