The weekend is upon us again and here at AAHQ we’re busy as busy things putting the final touches to Issue 132 – which goes LIVE ON MONDAY!

We hope that many of you are getting ready to hit your local site but for those that may still be stuck at home or at work, here’s a little something from the team at UF PRO that should both get you in the mood and provide some more “skills and drills” tips.

In their new FIREARM INSTRUCTORS SERIES UF PRO have got together with high-calibre instructors of the art and science of shooting to talk about multiple topics, with but one common goal – to make you a more efficient, more consistent shooter!

Tune into their four-part video series and learn about overcoming shooter deficiencies, developing improved trigger control, handling recoil better and making fast, clean transitions from platform to platform.

In this first installment, former LE/SWAT team member, Mike Levy, takes aim at the two most common shooter deficiencies: sight picture and sight alignment. You’ll learn how to overcome them so that you can always put the round exactly where you want!