Wow… weekend spotted again… ALREADY!

Time is flying by, but ISSUE 159 is looking righteous, and we are REALLY looking forward to the SHOT REPORT which promises to be a MAMMOTH… but the rest of the issue already looks to be absolutely 100% on point although Bill tell us that he and the editorial crew will be office-bound this weekend pulling it all together ready for the 15th… which is great as it will be the issue that we present to the entire airsoft industry at IWA ’24 at the end of the month as well as to all of you!

But it really has been a racing start to the year already, and with the boyz home from SHOT and preparations underway for IWA, AAHQ is abuzz with excitement for what we’ve already seen, and what is yet to be seen for the coming year.

Right now though our own airsoft activities go on apace, in the office, in the workshop, and out on the field!

Stewbacca was, as usual, first to comment in the AA crew chat group this week and told us that “this weekend TaiJi are off to Yangmei dormitories again for some more indoor/outdoor CQB funtimes; I’ll likely break out the PSG-1 again at least for some further testing as well as the FAL or perhaps something shorter as both have been serviced and I need to confirm their function and zeroes, plus there’s apparently an ICS Hi Capa style pistol and an AK74MN and a bunch of Zenitco-styled accessories from our friends at LCT on its way or already waiting with my concierge, so I’d better use my personal guns while I have the chance to… Woe. Is. Me. Spoilt for choice… The VFC T91 SOC GBBR Taiwanese service rifle also drops this Friday… I can hear my wallet crying already!”

Chris is out and about, fielding something very dear to his heart and said “this weekend I will be mostly… taking the KWA F90 GBBR out for its first game!” so we look forward to sharing is thoughts on that in due course!

Miguel will be out again and told us “this Sunday we are hitting one of our fields in preparation for an event that we are organizing next week, called “For Gold”. We are going to check out the main and secondary mission locations, game balance, comms, the works. And of course, with a little pew in the mix!”

Boycie (pictured this week with the new ASG CZ P-10C) said that “now the CZ review is complete for editing, hopefully I will get some sleep after SHOT… but I also have the show report to finish…” and his partner in crime Li’l Stu told us “I’ll be sorting the Shot Show piccies out and sent to Boycie, and hopefully looking over an AUG or two to see what’s needed…”

And our “tech bods” are busy, busy… Jimmy said that “I shall be firmly planted to my workbench this weekend… no surprise there! I have a mountain to work my way through which consists of four M249s, three of which are STAR and one of which is a VFC GBB. A plethora of M4’s and AR’s, an old vz61 AEP will be getting a full strip down followed by some much needed TLC and a customer built AAP01 which won’t play ball! It’s going to be a busy one but I am really starting to get back in full swing for 2024 and finding enjoyment once again!”

Dan commented “it’s back to the grindstone with the cursed VFC MG4! I just received a short type brushless motor back from Warhead that has been converted to the current reinforced tab ESC instead of the old wired terminals. So the plan is to get that reinstalled and then I can see if I can’t get it into a state where it actually feeds every round like a proper airsoft replica should! I can’t understate how desperately I want to get this out the door and gone from here lol. Failing that, I think it’ll be down for an indefinite period of time while the 3D printer guys figure out how to make a direct feed system instead of the gobbledygook that’s inside there…”

Whatever your plans may be, thanks to you all for your continued commitment to reading AIRSOFT ACTION each month and to driving us forward… we are winning… what are we winning?

Who knows, but it feels GREAT!

So, that’s us for another week, and we hope that you’ve got some airsoft fun lined up this weekend too! We’ll sign off as always by saying wherever you’re playing, Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!