It’s no secret right now that airsoft pages on social media are getting 100% hammered, and airsoft-related pages and groups have been disappearing left, right and centre… for absolutely no other reason than we like to talk about things that “the powers that be” deem “inappropriate”!

Well, we say “inappropriate how?”

The AIRSOFT ACTION pages have come under increased scrutiny and attack, and we ourselves have been threatened with closure for posting content that is far from being “against community standards”, and is in fact 100% legal in every way…. just because some darn Ai decides that what we post is wrong doesn’t mean that real human airsofters think it is, that’s for sure!

Whilst our own Page Admin Team have been attacked personally and had personal restrictions placed on their own social media accounts (an insidious and we’re not certain strictly legal approach…) we’ve taken steps to ensure that our content is pared back whilst this mire-storm goes on so that we can keep our own presence there, but you may have noticed that we’re just providing direct links to our daily web news and that’s it… however, we are massively pleased to see the resilience that exists in the global airsoft community, and the continued dedication that PAGE ADMINS have as they start to rebuild their needlessly shattered community pages.

We’ve been speaking to the guys from the AIRSOFT UK page and they are one of the many pages that disappeared for spurious reasons literally overnight! We can only commend them wholeheartedly on reacting so quickly in rebuilding and re-launching their group so quickly and so positively, and we’d like to ask airsofters far and wide to SUPPORT THEM as they re-grow!

This may seem a strange ask as AIRSOFT ACTION is now known for our global footprint, but the fact is that AAHQ is in the UK and we really want to see our own AIRSOFT UK home community strong and thriving.

Please give your support to the AIRSOFT UK page ( and let’s get it rolling again; the team behind the page have shown such dedication and commitment to bringing airsofters together for so long that we owe it to them, and to ourselves as UK players, to make our community even stronger whilst outside forces attempt to still our voices online!

We’ll be keeping an eye on other pages and community groups WORLDWIDE as they re-emerge, so watch this space for updates, and if you’d like to tell us about what’s going on in YOUR COUNTRY and YOUR COMMUNITY then please do reach out to us as we’ll be happy to spread your news!