As you may already know we’ve been watching the rollout of the ARES ALPHA game system for some considerable time, and indeed Miguel is a great proponent of the system which he covered in some detail back in ISSUE 145 which you can access in our BACK ISSUES section here on the website!

For those that  still don’t know what the system is, and what it brings to our games The ARES ALPHA team told us in this interview that;

“Ares Alpha it’s an integrated airsoft platform which covers both players and event organiser needs. We have an Android/iOS application, a website and several electronic props. It brings real-time position of the players, a hierarchical chain of command, mission updates from the game organiser, as well as transmission of information to the team leaders on the battlefield. The props are fully integrated in Ares Alpha platform and also can be tracked in real time by game players.”

Miguel said in his overview;

“Sometimes a great tool comes along to help those who organise or command factions in events. I’ve been in both situations and I know that any help is welcome, so when Ares Alpha started appearing in games that I attend I noticed how useful it was, and so far I’ve seen it being used in many games that the GHOST’s attend, from smaller skirmishes to larger, full-on MilSim games!”

And now the team behind ARES ALPHA are interested to hear what all of you think, and they’ve created a new FORUM space where you can talk to them, and each other, directly,

They said;

“We are excited to unveil our new Ares Alpha forum section! It will cover both our app and our electronic props. We hope it will help our community find answers, give ideas, and overall improve the Ares Alpha platform! Don’t be shy, if you have any question just start a new thread!”

Anything that brings the global airsoft community closer together online right now is a WIN in our opinion, so if you have questions or simply have an intensification of the need to know more, then head on over to the new FORUM and get involved!