On a more positive note today we’ve just heard from the lovely people at VIPER TACTICAL that they have some new VX TACTICAL GLOVES about to drop!

They say;

Handling equipment and weapons in tactical environment require protection as well as precision from your gloves. The Viper VX Tactical Gloves offer impact and abrasion shielding with reinforced knuckles that remain concealed for a tactical advantage.

The textured grip panels on the palm of hand enhance your grip on weapons, tools, and equipment. While modern tools offer more and more touchscreen operations the silicone mesh on the index and middle fingers allowing you to operate without removing the gloves.

For durability and comfort, we added padded cushions on palm and adjustable rubber cuff and to improve finger flexibility the gloves also feature knuckle expansion areas, allowing for a full range of motion. The Viper VX Tactical Gloves come in Black, V-Cam and Active Green.”

These look great to us and some of the AA Crew will be putting them through their paces and reporting back soon!

For now though if you’re in need of some new “handpro” you can check them out by visiting www.viperkit.co.uk