It’s with some anger that we learned yesterday that the POPULAR AIRSOFT page has been “unpublished by META/FACEBOOK.

After speaking with them yesterday they told us that;

“We’ve all been there. Scrolling through Facebook, only to stumble upon content that seems like a blatant violation of their Community Standards, yet it remains, untouched whilst others that are not against the standards get removed. We’ve experienced it firsthand with Popular Airsoft. Our posts, perfectly harmless in our eyes got caught in the crossfire of Facebook’s inconsistent policy enforcement”

We can’t help but agree with them 100% about the randomness of “community standards enforcement” but the loss of on a platform that up until recently has been benign towards airsoft feels like a dark cloud over us…

POPULAR AIRSOFT has always been a very friendly face of airsoft, and in fact over the years has done SO MUCH for our community globally including the annual PLAYERS CHOICE AWARDS, so it’s especially anger-making and sad to see them being the ones targeted like this.

However, as always, POPULAR AIRSOFT have a plan!

“That’s why decided to be more active on Bluesky. Built on openness, transparency, and user empowerment, it’s a platform with which we can grow. Unlike Facebook, it’s decentralized, meaning no single entity controls our data or dictates our experience. This is a breath of fresh air in the social media world.”

And we say that this is the right move! More and more airsoft pages will be targeted for removal on META platforms in the coming months we’re certain, and AA itself is hanging in there by just using Facebook now for news shares from this website.

Time to move on and take control of our collective destiny folks, and we wish the guys at POPULAR AIRSOFT all the very best for their move to brighter, and clearer, skies!

You can read their full statement by visiting