We’re continuing to see great results from the HUNTSMAN AEGS that we’ve had in testing for a while now, but the brand isn’t standing still as they extend their range to provide great value and performance for players new and old alike, and if you’re in the market for either a cracking little AR-style AEG as your first airsoft carbine, or indeed a well-priced backup then the HUNTSMAN M4 CQBR POLYMER certainly fits the bill!

This AEG features a durable polymer body combined with a full metal gearbox, ensuring both resilience and reliability. The gearbox includes advanced components such as a QD spring system for easy spring changes, a polymer piston with full metal teeth for smooth operation, and a double-seal aluminium anodized piston head for improved air compression. Additionally, the rifle is equipped with a brass inner barrel, rotary hop unit, and stainless steel cylinder for enhanced range and accuracy. The Huntsman M4 CQBR excels in both durability and performance, boasting a metal outer barrel and stock tube that can withstand hard use, with a light but sturdy polymer body . The carbine also comes with a NiMH smart charger and a NiMH 9.6v 1600mAh cranestock battery, ensuring you have everything you need to keep your weapon powered up and ready for action.

With its impressive features and inclusive battery and charger, the Huntsman M4 CQBR is a complete package that delivers exceptional performance; whether you’re looking for durability, accuracy, or ease of use, this AEG has it all, and at a great price too.

Features include:

  • Full Metal Gearbox
  • QD spring
  • Polymer piston with full metal teeth
  • Double seal aluminium anodized piston head
  • 6 bearings
  • Timing delayer
  • Aluminium anodized nozzle
  • Brass inner barrel and rotary hop unit
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • Polymer body
  • Metal outer barrel and stock tube
  • Full Polymer Body