It looks to us like summer is finally arriving at AAHQ, and of course this means that we’re starting to not only get more events and games, but we’re also entering the holiday season proper! Although some of the AA crew (like many of you!) are off on their vacations ISSUE 151 is 100% on-track and due to go live next Thursday! Thanks this week to Josh at KRIOS PHOTGRAPHY for a superb action image of our man Jimmy proving he’s not just a tech but gets work done too!

Of course many of the crew are still out and active, and Stewbacca told us that… “We will be playing on Sunday at an as yet unconfirmed location, possibly a new site we have to keep shtum about to avoid it getting blown again like so many others as of late here in Taiwan. RATech have sent their Noveske 10.5″ GBBR my way to try out so I might give that a whirl for a bit of not Heckler & Koch action for a change, but might also try and do more testing of the PSG-1 before upgrading it”, whilst Larri checked in to say that “it’s Friday CQB as usual, but as the school break is coming we’re gonna airsoft with some school kids in the coming months!”

Sticking with the theme of working with younger potential players Miguel and the GHOSTs are on a definite mission this weekend! He told us… “This will be a fun one. This Friday night we were invited by the heads of a scouts group to raid one of their night camping activities, full gear, rush in, throw some bangs, flashlights, screaming, and whisk away some of the campers who are in on the deal! Only after all that the rest of the scouts will know that it’s all part of the activity, and they will have to plan a way to rescue their friends, while we patrol the woods!”

Bill is off on a bit of an “historcal mission” over this weekend too as he’s heading to a couple of military museums; he said: “No range time for me this weekend for once as I’m off on a research mission! Any skirmish airsofter worth their salt will have an interest in military history, and I have to admit that it’s a part of the whole deal for me. Learning more about weapons, famous battles, and the tactics and strategies that were involved help me when it comes to writing articles… that said, I enjoy everything about a good military museum, and as the forecast is looking good I may even need to have an “ice cream boy” moment in the sun too!”

So, even when we’re “not at work” we’re still working… if you can call this work! For now though, if you’re away on holiday yourself we hope you have a GREAT time, and of course if you’re out playing airsoft this coming weekend then as always Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!