H&K fans seem to be getting some real love from both GBBR and AEG manufacturers right now, and LCT AIRSOFT seem ready to increase their already impressive line of G3-origin models with a really cool take on the G3K (Kurz, or short) model!

This new LC-3K electric model will be available in both standard AEG and EBB form, and if you check out LCT’s VIDEO HERE then you’ll see just how much devotion and time has gone into replicating another classic firearm in airsoft form!

Weighing in at as solid 4460g this all-metal model is absolutely sure to delight every H&K collector out there, and it certainly ticks an awful lot of boxes for the AAUK crew (and a certain Taiwan-based AA Deputy Editor too we’re sure!) in that it has history with the SAS! www.eliteukforces.info puts it into simple words…

“The Regiment’s experience in Northern Ireland highlighted the need for a compact, automatic assault rifle chambered in 7.62mmx51mm, especially for use when operating in vehicles. The 9mm HK MP5 or 5.56mm M16s used elsewhere by the SAS were far from ideal for the task. For a brief period following the Falklands conflict, SAS vehicle teams used captured Argentine Paratrooper’s FALs – weapons identical to the standard British SLR but with folding stocks, shorter barrels and an automatic fire mode.

It wasn’t long before the Regiment took possession of the Heckler & Koch G3KA4 assault rifle, a cut down version of the venerable G3. Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, fed from 20 round magazines, with collapsing stocks and automatic fire capability, the G3 KA4 became a favourite for not just the SAS but was also carried in vehicles driven by 14 Company undercover surveillance operators.”

Described elsewhere as “all around the single most capable rifle ever made by HK”, its small size, reliability and accuracy combined with a host of accessories allow the platform to perform well in numerous roles! We’re delighted to see this as the next evolution of LCT AIRSOFT’s LC-3 program and of course we’ll bring you the lowdown on this model just as soon as we can lay our hands on one and get in some rangetime!