At IWA earlier this year we had a couple of fabulous meetings (and an even more wonderful and relaxed dinner!) with our old friends from G&G ARMAMENT; they always have something fresh to show and this year was absolutely no exception, and in fact they blew many, us included, away with their continued development depth.

The one model among many new and interesting developments that stole attention immediately was the FAR9/556, FAR standing for Folding AR! This at the time of the show was still in development and won’t be available in stores for a little while yet, but we have been told that both models are now officially on the production line and we should have one of the variants in for testing very soon now!

The FAR, a tri-fold AEG, whilst gimmicky to some will be sure to delight others as it did us… pushing the boundary of what can be done yet again, the G&G TEAM told us that they have finished refining the hop, and that everything does now actually work, so we’re really interested to see how the FAR performs!

Folding down as it does to a minimalist size we can totally see this as a “bag gun” for OPFOR…

We’ll let you know more details as soon as we have them, and comment more when the test models arrives with us from Taiwan!