We’re taking a break from our usual gear post this week as our old friends at UF PRO have just kicked off another great video series, this time on the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting!

The AA crew are constantly looking to improve our own skills, and there’ll be more on this as the year progresses in the “monthly”, but the new series from UF PRO is a “fast track” to getting your own drills down and dialled.

When it comes to pistol shooting, consistency breeds precision. In this video series (and accompanying blog post), former U.S. Marine Rick Crawley (and now CEO and chief instructor at Achilles Heel Tactical in North Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.) discusses seven fundamentals of pistol shooting and offers advice to help you become a more proficient shot. Topics covered include stance, grip, draw and outside presentation, sighting and alignment, trigger control and follow-through, emergency reloading, tactical reloading, and more.

We’ll be posting up the entire series a it becomes available, so of you’re not playing this weekend perhaps it’s time to look at your own “skills and drills” and work out where you can improve. For those playing this weekend have a great one, and remember to always play hard and fair!