Cameras in airsoft have become quite the thing, haven’t they, and for good or bad reasons they are with us to stay!

Of course at Airsoft Action we’re always looking for new solutions, with more advanced features that we can actually use, and it’s been our great pleasure to have been the “airsoft partner” chosen by the guys behind MaromX to get news of their newly developed camera system out there to you, the players, that will benefit most from it!

MAROM-X is the company’s commercially available night vision camera developed for consumer use. This revolutionary camera has been tailored for the “real world” tactical operator, developed and designed by engineers and professionals from Israel. The innovative Elite camera is jam-packed with revolutionary technology that lets you spend less time worrying about equipment and more time living the action.

We’re not going to go into massive detail here about the new camera as we’ll be carrying a full report in Issue 128 on 15th July, but for now you can check out the video; we’re sure you’ll be just as impressed with the technology as we are!