We were really having to bite our tongues to start this week as we REALLY wanted to shout about the very latest handgun model from VORSK, but we were sworn to secrecy on the new VP26X until the official announcement came!

But now it’s HERE!

Fitted with a frame mounted Breacher which extends both the pistol barrel length as well as bringing the 20mm Mil-Spec rail flush with the muzzle, the VP26X’s side profile is quite unlike any other GBB pistol on the market. The slide has been given some weight reduction with the addition of three forward twin-vent ports as well as deep engravings on the rear slide grips, a common feature that we’re coming to recognise as a bit of a “trademark” on VORSK GBB Pistols. The reduced weight slide enhances the recoil effect, but this feeling is further enhanced with the fitting of the Breacher; most GBB Pistols rely entirely on the locking pin to stop the forward momentum of the slide, but the VP26X Breacher provides a second contact point that really amplifies this recoil sensation.

VORSK touches are also found on the bespoke half-solid, half-wireframe hammer as well as the high-stippled polymer grip. The 21 BB magazine comes fitted with a polymer bumper plate to protect the magazines metal body. The VP26X also features a De-Cocking lever so you can safely return the hammer to its safe position without discharge. The chamfered, dual-action trigger is exceptionally ergonomic and able to both cock this replicas hammer fire a round in one long trigger pull!

Sight options include either fibre-optic iron sights, or Dot-Sight options, Black, Grey or Tan. The package also includes a 12 mm CW/14mm CCW thread adapter for users to fit their own barrel attachments. Side-loading CO2 Magazines are available as a spare item.

This is yet another super-exciting thoroughly modern-looking pistol from VORSK that we can’t wait to get our hands on, and you can rest assured that we’ll be landing a review of this just as soon as the guys at NUPROL can get them out of the shipping container and over to us!