Yup, we’ve had the long May Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, but now we’re back to work at AAHQ ploughing along bringing together the content for ISSUE 163 that’ll go live on 15 JUNE!

Stewbacca has been really hitting things hard (no change there then!) and putting in some serious time behind the sights of numerous GBBRs, lining things up not only for the June issue, but also in readiness for our annual “Summer Special” issue in July where we’ll be delving into a specific, themed area of airsoft in detail.

However, with the business of the next issue first and foremost he’s been spending some quality, lovin’ time with the new FNC GBBR from our old mates at VFC!

VFC tell us of the FNC;

“The FN FNC (Fabrique Nationale Carbine) is a Belgian assault rifle known for its robust design and service with various military and law enforcement units around the world. This rifle, with its versatility and reliability, has left a lasting mark on the firearms industry.

The FN FNC also influenced the design of other rifles. The British L85A1, for example, incorporated some elements from the FNC, including the gas piston operating system. Moreover, the FN FNC’s design principles have been reflected in subsequent FN rifles, such as the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), which has been adopted by various military units worldwide.”

So, a lot to go at there straight away, and of course the FNC made an on-screen appearance in one of our fave “shooter movies, HEAT, so it’s got an immediate “fanboi following” with us straight away!

However, did Stewbacca fall in love with yet another VFC-creation… tune in to ISSUE 163 for his full evaluation…