Oh, what a GREAT way to start another week at AAHQ as we’ve just had confirmation that our G&G ESG B-10 SHOTGUN will be with us later this week to start the test and evaluation process!

Bill and Stewbacca (along with our friend G&G Ryan) were lucky enough to get the pre-production prototype on the range during their time at the G&G WORLD CUP event in Taipei last year, and then we saw it again on display IWA and we’ve been excited to get one in-house and on our own range ever since!

This unique GBB is G&G‘s first foray into creating a gas shotgun that uses AEG mags, allowing for greater user customization and flexibility. Many of the features such as an easy to access gas valve, full ambidextrous controls, and AEG mag compatibility were meticulously researched and implemented to give a pathway towards ease-of-access and upgradability.

And the feature set is great too;

  • Green Gas Powered: Internal gas reservoir located in the buttstock
  • Single Barrel Shotgun Design: Simplicity of design allows for easier gun maintenance and improved gas efficiency
  • Utilizes AEG Magazines: All M4-style AEG magazines are compatible. Because the gas is loaded through the stock, standard gas magazines are incompatible
  • Full Ambidextrous Support: Magazine Release, Fire Selector Switch and Sling points are located on both sides of the rifle. Additionally, the charging handle can be swapped to either side
  • Easy Access Gas Valve: Located at the bottom of the buttstock, which allows for easy gas refill access. The design of the stock allows for easy accessibility for HPA systems
  • Semi-Auto — 5/10 Round Burst Modes: iro 250 FPS on 5-Shot Mode, measured with .20g by G&G
  • Plenty of Rail Space for Customisation: 2 Picatinny rails available across the top and bottom of the handguard, after removal of the included handgrip. Side M-LOK slots grant additional options.
  • Polymer and Aluminium Material: Carrying handle, Picatinny, M-LOK Rails, and front-end receiver are constructed out of durable aluminium. The back-end receiver is built with G&G’s strong, lightweight polymer.

The Picatinny rails are in place across the top and bottom of the handguard, with the lower rail accessible after removing the two screws on the attached handgrip. M-LOK slots on the sides allow for additional space for mounting accessories.

But the thing that’s exciting us (and many more of you out there!) more than anything is the fire modes, and yes, it’s true, you can switch between 5BB and 10BB bursts, and Bill tells us that actually hearing the BBs load into the shotgun is unique in itself!

We’re REALLY looking forward to some rangetime with this, hopefully next weekend so definitely watch this space to get our initial verdict soon!