Another Friday swings round at AAHQ, and just like all of you many of the AA LEGION are preparing for weekend game-days and other airsoft adventures!

2024 seems to be absolutely flying along, and with all the big summer events taking place or happening soon the “summer tempo” is high, and everyone is rolling at full-speed with more things to report on, more AEGS and GBBs to test that ever before, and more projects in the offing… let’s face it, if you’re an airsofter like us then there’s always something to get done, isn’t there?

And the guys are hard at it out there; Miguel (pictured this week with the new Specna Arms SA-C17 CORE HAL AEG model!)) tells us “this Sunday we’ve been invited to attend the “Metal City Rookie Day”, an event to welcome those who are new in our community and are still getting their bearings. We are going to play as a small OpFor in a shipping container field!”

Stewbacca told us that “This weekend many of our number from team TaiJi may be having a rest after last weekend’s heat-stroke muddy-hill scrambling-under-fire extravaganza (a more detailed report on that to follow soon!)

With the weather threatening to be a bit ‘meh’ those of us still attending our typical Sunday shoot will venture indoors to Linkou CQB; I will likely get some more trigger time on the FNC now I’ve got it scoped up and dialled in, and perhaps the T91 SOC or HK53 for a backup option, not that I’m really likely to need one.”

Jimmy was planning to be out, but said “I had planned on attending Gunman Airsoft with a group of chaos I recently met but sadly that has been cancelled. However, I have plenty of tech work to be getting on with. I have been given a pretty cool StG44 to enhance which I’m looking forward to as I have never opened one up, so a bit of a school day on that one. A couple more Cold War replicas are in for servicing, and a head-scratcher of an M1918 BAR which has been to another tech up the line and refuses to do anything other than roll BBs out of the barrel. To finish up I have some articles to contribute to so will be dotting the I’s crossing the T’s on those!”

Boycie is “working on the “real” range on Saturday, then packing ready for Monday, as I’m away all week on a medic course then followed up with the UKPSA RO course!”, and we’re looking forward to sharing Boycie’s experience with those in due course!

Bill tells us that “as Issue 163 is on deadline right now it looks like another weekend in the office for me to pull everything together. However, Sunday is looking good for the Woods Range as usual, and I’m keen to get some of the ‘Namsoft armoury out and shooting in preparation for something we’re all working on; I do love my ‘Namsoft AEGs and GBBs so this will be a bit of work-meets-play kind of range session, although I do need to put the final BBs down the barrel of the new G&G CM16 BATTO in testing too… as Stewbacca would say, woe is me fellow shooters!”

So, as we hot the weekend again we wish you all the very best for your own airsoft adventures; whatever form they may take we’re all a part of the wonderful worldwide airsoft family! If you’re out and in-game, as always we’ll end the post by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!