Our lovely friends over at LCT have been in touch with some news that’s sure to delight fellow SVD owners, as they’ve just released a new replacement part for the Dragunov SVD Series, the SVD Quick Gearbox with ETU!

They say “Are you someone who pursue the utmost quality with perfection? Then make sure you don’t miss out on the LCT SVD, an airsoft model that flawlessly recreates the classic sniper series.

LCT applies same 1:1 scale authentic piece manufacturing method, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection. As well as showcasing the use of stamping, CNC, and forging techniques.

The exterior is meticulously formed to achieve flawless proportions; made entirely of steel, exceptionally durable, demonstrating a passion for classic sniper rifles and exquisite craftsmanship. In addition to pursuing perfection in proportions, LCT actively develops modular kits, allowing players to unleash their creativity.

This time we are excited to announce the new replacement part of SVD series: SVD Quick Gearbox with ETU providing players with more modification and replacement options.”

This sounds mighty fine to us, but what are the features and benefits to the upgrade?

ETU features:

  • Single board control unit with processor and MOSFET
  • The TSCP- Build in short-circuit protection
  • Cycle detection with active brake

Other LCT SVD features:

  • Piston Set, Full metal rack 19T half-tooth piston and CNC Aluminum Alloy piston head.
  • CNC aluminium alloy cylinder head with a double O-ring provides an excellent air seal
  • The high-volume chrome-plated cylinder allows the piston to move more smoothly, providing more stable airflow
  • Four Piece full steel Torque Gear Set
  • Anodized black gearbox shell with eight 9mm ball bearings
  • Quick spring change design

Add all of this together and you’ve got yourself a pretty darn tidy package, and as the SVD is a bit of a favourite for some members of the AA Crew this sounds like something that we’ll look at it great detail at a later date… so as always… watch this space!