Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the jungle (just like Blain!) something comes along to make you think again! This time though it’s not a Predator, but the SA-M23 CORE ROTARY MICROGUN courtesy of SPECNA ARMS and WELL PRO!

SPECNA ARMS and WELL PRO? Well, they obviously had some serious conversations at IWA as the bois saw the different models in Germany, but its’ great news to hear that the SA-M23 CORE will actually be fully available woldwide now! This pairing has surprised market, but we need such cool surprises in our airsoft lives!

The SA-M23 CORE is a unique replica, and the placement in the CORE line means a combination of attractive price, high quality materials and good performance. This combination makes a replica for both beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike. As a “Vulcan-style” 5-barrel electric-powered rotary platform, with its simple design, polymer body and electric drive, the SA-M23 CORE is a great alternative to the much more expensive designs of this type that only the most heavy-walleted players could aspire to!

The body of the SA-M23 CORE is made of polymer so it weighs in at just 3750g, while the barrels are made of metal; the internal mechanisms are made on CNC machine tools, and the spec tells us that there are standard AEG barrels and Hop Up rubbers, and that each barrel has separate adjustment!

Features include:

  • Simple and robust construction
  • Shooting rate of 36rps!
  • Magazine with 2800 BB capacity and inspection window
  • Compact and lightweight design compared to similar models
  • M-LOK slots to allow mounting of additional accessories and dorsal RIS rail

So, lots to look at here… lots of airsoft fun that is! This looks like another cool strategic move from SPECNA ARMS, one that will provide more choice to players so that sits WELL with us (groan… sorry, not sorry…)!