Another busy, busy week has flown by at AAHQ and we’ve been hard at it confirming deliveries of new airsoft goodness for test and evaluation from all the manufacturers that we all love… we hope it’s going to be a long, hot summer that will be good for games, events, and range days alike!

And the tempo really does appear to be picking up well for what looks like it’s going to be a superb airsoft summer ahead as things really begin to kick into gear all over the place!

Our newest Legionnaire Rich told us that “I’m off to RIFT Airsoft’s “Shift Ya Rifts”; two days of airsoft and socials with armoured vehicles thrown in the mix too!”… along with some superb images from our Legion Associate Josh from KRIOS Photography we look forward to featuring Rich’s first-ever UK event report for you all soon!

But he’s far from alone as the rest of the AA Crew are out there too in one way or another! From Portugal Miguel told us that “even after a 2-day event last weekend, there is no stop! This Sunday we are continuing our series of small games focused on new players. It’s also our way to scout possible members for our upcoming “recruit” later this year. And afterwords, we will have a BBQ among the fellas”, and Dan in the USA said “we’ve got The High Table coming up this weekend at Pegasus MilSim, which is a John Wick themed event. It should be a nice change of pace from the usual skirmishes. I’ve still got to gather up a few things for the event still. Sadly, no Mustang Fastbacks or doggos allowed…”

Stewbacca (of course!) is out to play in Taiwan, and reported in to say “Team TaiJi are off to our own team-only MilSim event in Sanxia (Three Gorges), a small slightly mountainous valley region just south of Taipei; hopefully the weather will hold out for us, this is a bit of a teeth-cutting exercise akin to the style of our own Miguel’s team in Portugal usually take part in, working together to test our skills, comms, movement and teamwork on the lead up to some bigger national events.

Around 35 of us split over two teams are turning up for shooting, camping, BBQ/big team eating and some after-hours drinks. I’ll be rounding off my VFC FNC review having just picked up a top sight rail and three more mags the other night and slapping my ELCAN on it, and I’ll have the VFC T91 along as a backup system, and their M18 pistol as my sidearm, and writing up a report for an upcoming issue afterwards too!”

Closer to home Jimmy told us “with a different hat on I’m back at the track this Saturday; with the weather getting better MX all over the country is in full swing and my services are needed trackside… I do love the smell of a finely tuned two-stroke! Sunday though is game day and I’m really looking forward to it; I’m going to be rocking the ICS Tomahawk once again and I have something very new to be playing with…. all I can say is that it is the first and only one to land on UK soil!”

Ben is “out to cause havoc on the enemy lines Sunday… I’ve got a couple of (inexpensive) impact grenades so I’m looking forward to testing them out; more fun and games for AA reports and my own “Hi Who Dares” YouTube channel!” whilst Boycie is “preparing for a FREC3 course which runs straight into a UKPSA Range Officer Course, both will be useful for both work and airsoft (plus the other training I do).”

Li’l Stu is busy “prepping surplus stuff for sale”, something we all need to do from time to time, whilst Bill said “I have a big range session planned up on the Woods Range… I’ve got some SMGs to bring up to speed for the Red Cell update in ISSUE 163 (like the LCT ZK PDW 9MM pictured this week!), some new G&Gs to be beasted, and I want to run the ICS LEGACY a bit more so that Jimmy, Ben, and Stewbacca  and I can get our notes together for a RELOADED… and then I do believe it is time to fire up the barby and get some serious meat-burning done!”

Whatever you may be up to in the workshop, on the range, at an event, or playing at your local site we wish you all the best for your own airsoft adventures as the long weekend approaches… as always we’ll sign off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!