In the final instalment of UF PROS excellent video series on improving your pistol skills, this time Instructor Rick gives his final thoughts on different ways of reloads and when to use them. He also reveals the most common issues why a real handgun might misfire, along with the fixes for this; although this last part is not directly applicable to airsoft of course if may give you a pointer if you ever find yourself on a real range!

For instance you get some GREAT information like:

“A tactical reload is the process of replacing your current (although not necessarily empty) firearm magazine with a fresh magazine, in particular the one that is hardest to reach. Typically, the expended mag is stored in a pocket or dump pouch.

“It’s the opposite of a speed reload. In a speed reload situation, you replace (but not also store) the fully empty magazine by retrieving a fresh one from the easiest-to-reach position.

“The benefit of these two types of reload processes is that in each you keep your optimal sight alignment and picture, while retaining your dominant hand’s position on the trigger.”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed watching the series as much as we have! When you have the benefit of an instructor with over a decade long experience in the military & LE units with multiple deployments in OIF and OEF operations, who is also an active SWAT member and certified LE instructor, it’s the perfect opportunity for getting the “word from the best”, and we thank our friends at UF PRO for sharing this over the past few weeks!

Of course the full series is available for you to watch here at your leisure, and you can also pick up “field notes” from Rick by clicking [HERE].

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, and we sincerely hope it’s playing airsoft, and if it is then go hard, play fair, and have FUN!