Yup, it’s THAT time again and we’re busy at AA HQ putting the finishing touches to Issue 129 that’s due to drop THIS Sunday!

And what better “Heads Up” can we give you of what’s included than that we are totally stoked to headline this month with a unique look at the all-new L119A2 GBBR from Archwick as Stewbacca gets unprecedented access and sees it “in the wild” for the very first time!

He says: “Recognising the clear popularity of the platform, and realising that it sits in the specific niche typical of their chosen projects, the team at Archwick decided to undertake a somewhat leviathan task for their first GBBR product – a genuine licensed replica, with a truly monolithic upper receiver akin to its real counterpart – authorised and detailed to the most realistic extent possible, as with all their products, and produced with typical fastidiousness and attention to minutiae, no doubt in order to satisfy the increasingly pernicious discerning collectors and shooters within their customer base who will find any faults if present.”

For the full article be sure to keep an eye of your favourite digital readership platforms, or simply head here to the AA website, to read Issue 129 on Sunday!

It’s another issue rammed full of content written BY AIRSOFTERS FOR AIRSOFTERS, and as we like to say, “If it’s in airsoft, it’s in Airsoft Action!”