As we’re heading on to the weekend again, and as many of you hopefully prepare to hit your local skirmish site or a larger game we’re continuing to share the invaluable information that’s been created by UFPRO and shooter Rick Crawley to give you some food for thought on how you can improve your own handgun skills!

Setups need to be consistent. We cannot fight human behavior, so we have to go toward our natural responses. Luckily, we are humans—and, luckily too, we wear pants. Learn how to take advantage of seams and a front pocket to find your holster and establish grip.Your belt is the first line of gear. It’s also the first line of defense, the first line of care, and the first line of aid. If your gun is down and you need to feed it, you should not fight natural human response. Instead, you must be able to get to these features without thinking about them.

Make sure you are being consistent across all platforms. Remember, consistency breeds precision. Download your free guide on pistol fundamentals by Rick Crawley from Achilles Heel Tactical: