Monday’s here and we’re certain that many of you, just like us, are basking in the afterglow of weekend airsoft adventures!

We had the great privilege of being invited to a brand new CQB training facility to check out a new course being run by FAST TACTICAL and we quite literally had a blast (yup, some pyro may have been harmed!) with 25 other seasoned airsofters who excelled themselves in every way possible… we’ll be reporting back in full on the new venue, and the course itself (both excellent BTW!) in full in ISSUE 153 NEXT MONTH!

So, what was our platform of choice for the course? Well, as it was CQB, and where possible GBB-only, it had to be the VFC MK18 GBBR!

Okay, RED CELL just dropped their collective take on this platform in the current issue that only went live on Saturday, but having been very much “hands on” with it again over the weekend in its intended environment we had to report back today.

We initially set up the carbine on the 10m short range to re-chrono and evaluate, and in terms of power we got a consistent 1.07 Joule/341fps on a .20g RZR BB using green gas, and with .30g RZR BBs the accuracy proved stunning at that range, ringing the steels with each and every BB. We then ran some drills using a mix of the STANAG and VFC V-Mags and the excellent BUISs that come fitted as standard on the woodland 30m range, and once the hop was set it was punching out the sandbags with a dead-flat BB trajectory to target; this carbine has some serious legs to it, so if you’re going to use it in a CQB environment, accuracy is NOT going to be an issue once you have it set up right!

Before the course we set the Mk18 up with an EXPS-style holosight (our fave for CQB!), along with a scout light/PEQ-15 combo operated via a WADSN Dual Remote Switch, and made sure that everything was zero’d correctly and working in harmony, and we’re pleased to report that the Mk18 worked perfectly! This is a REALLY fine carbine, and another great addition to the VFC product range, and for a training situation is the absolute perfect tool.

In terms of holding your own against a field of Hi-cap-full-auto-AEG players, that may be a struggle, but only down to the sheer weight of fire you’ll be facing; if you’re good enough to get in close to give some double taps with a support gun giving you some covering fire though, then you’re going to be living on “Planet OPR8R”, and there is no better feeling than that in our opinion!

We do love an AR with a “heart” and the VFC MK18 GBBR has a very big heart indeed. Add to this that it’s also a fine training tool, it’s reliable and accurate of you keep it properly clean and well maintained, and you have a package that’s sure to delight you every time you pick it up, and that’s a more-than-good enough reason to own one!