Welcome fellow ‘softers to another monthly issue of AIRSOFT ACTION, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve got another absolute cracker for you to enjoy, full with airsoft goodness of all shapes and sizes!

We headline this month with the all-new STEYR L9-A2 GBB pistol as Boycie gets down and dirty with it on the range, closely followed by the LCT LC-3K AEG and NOVESKE 10.5 GBBR courtesy of Stewbacca!

Bill also gets some BBs sown with the CYBERGUN/BOLT BRSS SCAR-SC, as well as checking in with a two-years-in RELOADED update on the VFC BCM MCMR, both gas and AEG.

Then RED CELL really get into the meat of things as they look very specifically at MIL-style CQB tools in the form the Mk18 and the HK416 with FIFTEEN models under their spotlight. Bill also brings the test pool completely up to date then with a review of the Mk18 from DELTA ARMORY.

Dan gets techy as he looks at optimising the LAMBDA DEFENCE MK48 MOD 1, and we revisit “rattelcan camo” finishes as we (almost!) complete PROJECT ROSSI…

The AA LEGION have also been busy, starting off with the final installment of this sequence of THE CAGE as we bring things to a close looking at dedicated competition belt setups… and this time they’re aided by a “special guest” who knows just a bit about this topic!

Taking things out to the rest of the world, Stewbacca and “Military” Anny get inside Maple Leaf, our new friend “Tama” tells us all about a field with a difference in Japan, and then it’s “all the P’s” as TEAM TAIJI prepare for the POLK 3 MilSim event in Taiwan!

Once again, a LOT of AEGs, GBBs, and GBBRs old and new for you to get your teeth into, as well as even more global coverage to inspire! We hope you’ll enjoy this issue as once again we’ve had a blast creating it for you!

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